Our Faculty

We have a diverse group of faculty with a variety of expertise and research interests. They include tenure-stream professors, faculty seconded from area school boards, and part-time instructors. While our main offices are at the Keele Campus (Winters and TEL buildings), we also have teaching sites throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Learn more about our people by browsing through the profiles:

All Faculty

Abdmolaei, ShirinCourse Director
Hussain, JafarCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorSecondee
Alsop, SteveProfessorTenure
Amdemichael, TigistCourse DirectorContract
Angus, LucyAssistant ProfessorTenure
Axelrod, PaulProfessor Emeritus (Retired)Emeritus
Azzarello, LouiseCourse Director
Balyasnikova, NataliaAssistant ProfessorTenure
Barkaoui, KhaledAssociate Professor, Associate Dean, ResearchTenure
Barnikis, TiffanyCourse DirectorContract
Barrett, SarahAssociate ProfessorTenure
Barrila, RoccoCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Beaulne-Stuebing, RebeccaAssistant Professor
Bell, JillSenior Scholar, Professor Emeritus (Retired)Emeritus
Benson, RonCourse DirectorContract
Berg, TanyaCourse DirectorContract
Bolt, JenniferCourse Director, Adjunct Professor - Department of DanceContract
Brant-Birioukov, KieraAssistant ProfessorTenure
Britzman, DeborahYork Research Chair in Pedagogy and Psycho-Social Transformation , Distinguished Research Professor, Psychoanalyst, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Registered PsychotherapistTenure
Bromfield, MandisaCourse DirectorSecondee
Brushwood Rose, ChloƫProfessor, Vice-Provost Teaching & LearningTenure
Burgis, EmilyCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorSecondee
Bynoe, KenishaCourse DirectorSecondee
Camuti, CarmenCourse DirectorContract
Camuti, MaryPracticum FacilitatorContract
Connolly, KarenPracticum FacilitatorContract
Corrigan-Elliott, BrendaCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Crichlow, WarrenProfessor Emeritus (Retired)Tenure
Darkhor, P.H. Course DirectorContract
Davy, LynCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Delaney, SheilaCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Delgado Vintimilla, CristinaAssistant Professor, Pedagogista - University of Siena, PhD - University of British ColumbiaTenure
Trilokekar, Roopa DesaiAssociate ProfessorTenure
Devonish-Mazzotta, KarenCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Dion, SusanProfessorTenure
Dion-Fletcher, VanessaCourse DirectorContract
Di Paolantonio, MarioAssociate ProfessorTenure
Dippo, DonUniversity Professor, Professor Emeritus (Retired)Tenure
Dlamini, NombusoAssociate ProfessorTenure
Domingues, NelliCourse Director
Duran, MarcelaCourse DirectorContract
Farley, LisaAssociate ProfessorTenure
Fawcett, SusanCourse DirectorContract
Fearon, StephanieAssistant Professor
Fine, Dr. Esther SokolovSenior Scholar, Professor Emerita (Retired)Emeritus
Flaherty, PeterCourse DirectorContract
Fraschetti, MichaelCourse DirectorContract
Gaetz, StephenProfessorTenure
Gennuso, MariaContract
Grant, ChristinaCourse DirectorContract
Greaves, LenorePracticum FacilitatorContract
Guzel, AzizCourse DirectorContract
Haig-Brown, CeliaProfessorTenure
Hanson, BrigitteCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Hoeg, DarrenAssistant Professor, Teaching StreamTenure
Holmes, JanetteCourse DirectorContract
Hupfield, JohnAssistant Professor
Ippolito, JohnAssociate ProfessorTenure
Israelite, NeitaSenior Scholar, Professor Emeritus (Retired)Emeritus
James, CarlProfessor, Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & DiasporaTenure
Jocson, KorinaAssociate Dean, Associate ProfessorTenure
Johnston, EleanorCourse Director
Fickel, EmilyCourse DirectorContract
Johnston, LisaCourse DirectorContract
Karoubi, GolrizCourse DirectorSecondee
Kaukab, MashelleCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorSecondee
Kentridge, NicolaPracticum SupervisorContract
Khan, WahidCourse DirectorSecondee
Khayatt, DidiProfessor Emeritus (Retired)Tenure
Killoran, IsabelAssociate ProfessorTenure
Krasny, KarenProfessor, Language and LiteracyTenure
Kunnas, MarikaCourse DirectorContract
Lotherington, HeatherProfessor Emerita, Senior ScholarTenure
Lucic, MariaPracticum FacilitatorContract
Lum, DavidCourse DirectorContract
Lum, DavidCourse DirectorContract
Mannette, JoyAssociate ProfessorTenure
Marshall, NancyCourse DirectorContract
Martin, LyndonVice-Provost Academic, ProfessorTenure
Matheson, SheenaCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Maurice, RichardCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Mayer, ConnieProfessorTenure
McConnell, AndrewCourse DirectorSecondee
McGrath, ChrisCourse Director
Michelakos, JasonCourse DirectorContract
Millett, PamAssociate ProfessorTenure
Mishra Tarc, AparnaAssociate ProfessorTenure
Morbey, Mary LeighSenior Scholar, Professor Emeritus (Retired)Emeritus
Moser, GabrielleAssociate Professor, Graduate Program DirectorTenure
Moss, SharonCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Murphy, SharonUniversity Professor, Professor Emeritus (Retired)Tenure
Norquay, NaomiAssociate Professor Emeritus, Senior ScholarTenure
Osibodu, MoladeAssistant ProfessorTenure
Ott, MaryAssistant Professor
Owston, RonUniversity Professor Emeritus (Retired)Tenure
Parekh, GillianAssociate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Disability Studies in Education (Tier 2)Tenure
Parteno, RoyCourse DirectorContract
Peguret, MurielAssociate ProfessorTenure
Pitt, AliceProfessor, Interim Vice-President, Equity, People & CultureTenure
Popovic, CeliaAssociate Professor, Teaching StreamTenure
Prasad, GailAssistant ProfessorTenure
Prasad, SheetalCourse DirectorContract
Preston, LindaCourse DirectorContract
Racco, AlyssaCourse DirectorContract
Rahman, AtaurCourse DirectorContract
Rakitskaya, ElenaCourse DirectorContract
Rapke, Tina K.Associate ProfessorTenure
Reich, MaraCourse DirectorContract
Sambrook, ThelmaCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Sandlos, LisaCourse DirectorContract
Savage, RobertProfessor, DeanDean
Schecter, Sandra R.Professor Emeritus (retired)Tenure
Schlarp, AnnePracticum FacilitatorContract
Schwarz, LorinAssistant Professor, Teaching StreamContract
Shah, VidyaAssistant ProfessorTenure
Shanahan, TheresaProfessor, Education Law & Policy; Higher EducationTenure
Shapson, StanSenoir Scholar, Professor (Emeritus)Emeritus
Silver, RachelAssistant Professor, Co-Director, Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) ProjectTenure
singh, sava saheliAssistant Professor of Digital Futures in Education
Smaller, HarryProfessor Emeritus (Retired)
Stanworth, KarenSenior Scholar, Professor (Emeritus)Emeritus
Stern, DebbieCourse DirectorContract
Strang, MatthewCourse DirectorContract
Taj, NorinCourse DirectorContract
Thompson, SamaraCourse DirectorContract
Thumlert, KurtAssociate ProfessorTenure
Tilleczek, KateProfessor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1), Youth, Education & Global Good, Director (Founder), Young Lives Research Lab- CANADATenure
Traverse-Thomas, JacquiCourse DirectorContract
Tu, DerrickCourse DirectorContract
Tucker, ChrisCourse DirectorContract
Valente, AndreaCourse DirectorContract
Villani, RomoloPracticum FacilitatorContract
Virani, FarahCourse DirectorContract
Wien, Carol AnneSenior Scholar, Professor Emeritus (Retired)Emeritus
Wilkinson, TerryCourse DirectorContract
Williams, DavidCourse Director, Practicum FacilitatorContract
Winton, SueProfessorTenure
Wiseman, L.Associate Professor, Koschitzky Family Chair in Jewish Teacher EducationTenure
Yon, DanielAssociate Professor, Professor Emeritus (Retired)Tenure
Zha, QiangAssociate Professor, Interim Director of York Centre for Asian Research, Coordinator of Graduate Diploma in Postsecondary Education: Community, Culture and PolicyTenure