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Professor Celia Popovic will present on how to run an online conference at ExOrdoCon 2020
Jul 1 – Jul 2 all-day

Celia Popovic

Faculty of Education Professor Celia Popovic will be presenting a session on how to run an online conference at ExOrdoCon 2020 taking place online July 1 & 2. Professor Popovic's session is based on the lessons learnt from running an online conference in 2019, and a blog that she wrote for Times Higher Education.

Register online at

For more information, visit the conference website:

Professional Learning: Summer July Session 2020 AQ/ABQ/PQP Courses Begin
Jul 6 all-day
Imagination and the Unforeseeable in Early Childhood: A Dialogue on Intermedial Imagination, Choreographic Movements and Becomings @ via Zoom
Jul 21 @ 3:00 pm

with Sylvia Kind (Capilano University)
and Lorenzo Manera (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

Sylvia Kind and Lorenzo Manera will engage in a phenomenological dialogue about imagination and the elements that constitute an intra-active relationship between medial environments, children and adults. Both speakers will bring to the dialogue their situated perspectives on educational spaces and intermedial imagination. This dialogue will invite the audience to consider innovation, unpredictability and creative invention as the main aspects that contribute to the aesthetic experience in medial environments. This dialogue is particularly interested in pointing out how such elements are key for both children’s aesthetic and pedagogical experiences and for the cultivation of imagination understood as the engagement with the unforeseeable.

Sylvia Kind

Sylvia Kind, Ph.D. is a faculty instructor in Early Childhood Education at Capilano University and an atelierista at the Capilano University Children’s Centre. Her work is motivated by an interest in young children’s studio practices, their lively material improvisations and collective experimentations, and in developing understandings of studio research in early childhood contexts. She has co-authored the book Encounters with Materials in Early Childhood Education, co-edited Drawing as Language, and has written several journal articles and book chapters on studio practices in early childhood.



Lorenzo Manera

Lorenzo Manera, is currently a research fellow in Aesthetics and Pedagogy in the Department of Education and Human Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, under the tutorship of Professor Annamaria Contini. He is a member of the Italian Society of Aesthetics, and Executive assistant for the PhD in “Reggio Childhood Studies”, promoted by the Department of Education and Human Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Fondazione Reggio Children-Centro Loris Malaguzzi. His latest publication is titled “Relational spaces in Architecture, Aesthetics and Education: The Italian neo avant-garde architecture and the case of the Reggio Emilia Approach”.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please RSVP by July 20, 2020 to
Zoom session url will be sent once your RSVP has been received.

This talk is a part of the Faculty of Education's
Disrupting Early Childhood: Inheritance, Pedagogy, Curriculum series.

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