Nombuso Dlamini

Associate Professor

Ph.D. - OISE, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON; MA - St. Mary's University, Halifax, NS; BA - University of Swaziland, Swaziland

Location(s) / Contact Info:

635, York Research Tower - YRT
Keele Campus
Phone: 416 736 2100 Ext. 44562

255, Winters College - WC
Keele Campus
Phone: 416-736-2100 Ext. 22850


Website: Jean Augustine Chair in Education in the New Urban Environment

Available to supervise graduate students


Known for her studies examining youth negotiations of identity in new urban environments, Nombuso Dlamini is the inaugural Jean Augustine Chair in Education in the New Urban Environment. Dlamini is also the author of Youth and Identity Politics (2005) and the editor of New Directions in African Education (2008); her youth-focused research asks questions about how global youths' sojourner lives generate valuable social capital that reconfigures the local urban spaces while also resulting in new complexities of educating unfamiliar 'others.'

Since completing her doctoral studies, Dlamini has taught at the University of Pretoria, South Africa; Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia; and the University of Windsor, Ontario, where she held the position of Research Leadership Chair. In January 2010, she joined York University, Ontario.

Dlamini is involved in mult-year resaerch projects conducted in international settings (Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa). She has collaborated with several institutions and multiple disciplines, including social work, education and sociology.

Scholarly Interests

Critical Pedagogy, Postcolonial theory and de-colonizing research methodologies, Studies in youth social identities, Socio-cultural studies in education, Literacy and critical sociolinguistics, Migration and Diaspora studies, and Gender Matters.

Faculty & School/Dept

  • Faculty of Education -

Courses Taught

  • Literacy and Culture (ED/EDUC 3600)
  • Rethinking Schooling: A "Re-Introduction" to Education (ED/EDUC 1000)
  • Theory and Research in Language, Culture and Teaching (GS/EDUC 5120)

Selected Publications

  • Dlamini, S. N. (IP). Engaging the Canadian Diasporas: Cultural histories, identities and the civic participation of youth from African communities. . Toronto, Ontario, Canada: University of Toronto Press
  • Dlamini, S.N. and Anucha, U. (2009). Trans-nationalism, social identities and African youth in the Canadian diaspora. Social Identities, 15 (2), 227-242.
  • Dlamini, S.N. & Martinovic, D. (2009). Is 'good' really good? Exploring internationally educated teacher candidates' verbal descriptions of their in-school experiences. Language Awareness.
  • Dlamini, S.N., Anucha, U., Yan, M. & Wolfe, B. (2009). Engaging the Canadian Disapora. McGill Journal of Education, 44 (3).
  • Dlamini, S.N. (2008). New Directions in African Education. Calgary, Alberta, Canada: University of Calgary Press
  • Dlamini, S.N. & Martinovic, D. (2007). In Pursuit of Being Canadian: Examining the challenging of culturally relevant education in teacher education programs. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 10 (2), 155-175.
  • Dlamini, S.N. (2005). Youth and Identity Poltics in South Africa, 1990-1994. Toronto, Buffalo, London: University of Toronto Press
  • Dlamini, S.N. (2001). Youth in post apartheid South Africa. In Zegeye, A. (Ed.), Social Identities in South Africa. JohannesburgSouth Africa: Kwela Books
  • Dlamini, S.N. (1998). Towards an empowering education system in South Africa. In James, C. and D'Oyley, V. (Eds.), Re-visioning Canadian Perspectives on the Education of Africans in the 20th Century. Toronto, Ontario: Captus Press

Selected Presentations

  • Dlamini, S.N. (2011, May). Keynote Speaker. Presented at: The Pulse of Education, Educational Attainment West (EAW), Community-led Conference
  • Dlamini, S.N. (2011, May). Re-defining New Urban Environments and Their Impact on Education. Presented at: Congress 2011, CIESC-CSSE, Presidential Address
  • Dlamini, S.N., Tobrise, E. & Okoro, F. (2011, March). Teacher Views on HIV Prevention for Rural Youth in Nigeria. Presented at: Paper presented at the Global Health Conference
  • Dlamini, S.N. (2010, November). Using Schools to Combat Youth Vulnerability to HIV in Nigeria. Presented at: Canadian Society for International Health, 17th Canadian Conference on Global Health

Research Projects

Engaging Girls, Changing Communities: Examining Girls' Processes of Civic Engagement and Leagership (EGCC)

Role: Principal Investigator

Year Funded: 3

Funded by: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)