Mandisa Bromfield

Course Director

Location(s) / Contact Info:

B203, York Hall
Glendon Campus



Mandisa is course director and practicum facilitator within the Faculty of Education at York University - Collège Glendon. She has taught in a variety of roles within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for more than 20 years. She has also developed, written and reviewed Afrocentric curriculum, and was a teacher at the Africentric Alternative School, the first publicly funded Afrocentric school in Canada. Mandisa holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree from OISE/UT, for which her research explored her role as a non-Indigenous person working in urban Indigenous spaces. As French language instruction has always been a great passion, Mandisa works to fuse anti-racism and culturally relevant and responsive pedagogies with French language learning.

Courses Taught

  • Content Into Practice (ED/EDFE 3200)
  • Foundations of Education & Theory Into Practice (ED/EDFE 2000)
  • Integration Through Arts (ED/EDIN 4000)
  • Language & Literacy in the Primary-Junior Divisions (ED/EDPJ 1000)
  • Language and Literacy in the Junior-Intermediate Divisions (ED/EDJI 1000)
  • Science & Technology in the Primary-Junior Divisions (ED/EDPJ 2000)
  • Science and Technology in the Junior-Intermediate Divisions (ED/EDJI 2000)
  • Teaching for Diverse & Equitable Classrooms in Ontario (ED/EDFE 3100)