Kiera Brant-Birioukov

Assistant Professor

PhD - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC; MA - University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON; BEd - University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON


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Available to supervise graduate students


Kiera Brant-Birioukov (Kanyen’kehà:ka) is from Kenhtè:ke (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON). Kiera is interested in Indigenous thought and knowledge in education, curriculum studies, teacher education, and reconciliatory pedagogies. Her work and research are grounded in Haudenosaunee thought, educational theory, philosophy, autobiography, and Creation Stories. Her PhD dissertation considers the value of Kanenhstóhare Onòn:tara (Lyed Corn Soup) as a theoretical framework for Haudenosaunee education. She has published on Indigenous teacher education, curriculum theory, reconciliatory pedagogies, and the phenomenon of Indigenous resilience, adaptation and ingenuity in Canada. 

Her current research projects include working with the Frederick W. Waugh project to repatriate historical documents of Haudenosaunee culture, life, and stories to community members in the creation of educational resources and materials. 

Scholarly Interests

  • Haudenosaunee Thought. Draw upon ancestral Creation Stories, teachings, and languages to consider the theoretical possibilities of kanenhstóhare (lyed corn) as a model, method, and praxis for education to facilitate estrangement and homecoming.
  • Indigenous Curriculum Theory. Considering the possibilities of Indigenous knowledge as basis for theory and theorizing in curriculum studies in Canada, such as ceremony as pedagogy, oral history and knowledge in the classroom, and Indigenous resilience. 
  • Reconciliatory Pedagogies. Working beyond "reconciliation" as a buzzword toward a meaningful dialogue and praxis as a framework for Indigenous thought in the classroom and public education discourse.
  • Indigenous Language Revitalization.
  • Indigenous Teacher Education.
  • Knowledge Repatriation.


Faculty & School/Dept

  • Faculty of Education -

Courses Taught

  • Curriculum Study (GS/EDUC 5510)
  • Inquiries Into Learning (ED/EDFE 2100)
  • Issues in Indigenous Education (ED/EDUC 2200)
  • Physical Education in the Junior-Intermediate Divisions (ED/EDJI 3100)
  • Physical Education in the Primary-Junior Divisions (ED/EDPJ 3100)
  • Social Studies & Culture in the Junior-Intermediate Divisions (ED/EDJI 3000)
  • Social Studies & Culture in the Primary-Junior Divisions (ED/EDPJ 3000)

Selected Publications

  • Brant-Birioukov, K. (2021). Covid-19 and In(di)genuity: Lessons from Indigenous resilience, adaptation, and innovation in times of crisis. Prospects. doi:
  • Brant-Birioukov, K., Ng-A-Fook, N., & Kane, R. (2020). Reconceptualizing teacher education in Ontario: Civic particularities, ethical engagement and reconciliation. In A. Phelan, W. Pinar, N. Ng-A-Fook & R. Kane (Eds.), Reconceptualizing teacher education worldwide: A Canadian contribution to a global challenge (pp. 55-91). University of Ottawa Press
  • Brant-Birioukov, K., Ng-A-Fook, N., & Llewellyn, K. (2019). Re-storying settler teacher education: Pedagogical possibilities, oral history education, and our educative responsibilities for reconciliation.. In N. Ng-A-Fook & K. Llewellyn (Eds.), Oral History and Education (II ed.pp. 107-131). Taylor & Francis


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - 2021
  • Doctoral Award, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada - 2017
  • Cynthia Chambers Masters Thesis Award, Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies - 2017

Service/Community Activities