Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Young Lives, Education and Global Good

Kate Tilleczek is the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Young Lives, Education and Global Good and a full professor in the Faculty of Education at York University. She is founder and scientific director of Young Lives Research Laboratory (Canada), which is international in scope and investigates how complex modern societies are shifting to support and/or negate the lives and well-being of young people.

Tilleczek’s CRC at York will be leveraged to collaborate across Faculties to morph her laboratory into the Young Lives Institute. She works in both local and global contexts and is editor-in-chief of Bloomsbury’s Youth: An International Archive. She has been honoured with Canada’s Whitworth Award for achievement in education research, was visiting research Fellow at Oxford University’s Department of International Development (Young Lives U.K. Project) and is associate editor of the Journal of Youth Studies.

Tilleczek is currently leading eight externally funded and youth-based research projects that engage young people in research about education, well-being and digital technology. For example, she is leading an interdisciplinary, SSHRC-funded study on long-term impacts of technology on young lives with a focus on Indigenous, immigrant and vulnerable youth. She was co-lead on a Global Affairs Canada project with and for Indigenous youth and communities in southern Chile in which a unique intercultural and interdisciplinary curriculum and school (Wekimün School) has been developed to integrate traditional and modern knowledge to meet the educational and well-being needs of youth and their communities. Her related project, the Rights for Children and Youth Partnership, in Central America and the Caribbean is now focused on how education does/does not enhance the well-being and human rights of youth.