York Symposium on the Scholarship of Engagement


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SSHRC Connection Grant

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Research that is produced in collaboration with partners has a greater chance to benefit society than research that remains within the academy. Researchers and students who work with non-academic partners are engaged scholars. However, there is little scholarship on engagement. A critical appraisal of the processes, methods and politics of engagement between researchers and partners is important to help us understand how to engage better. By better understanding how to work in collaboration we can better support those collaborations through knowledge mobilization services. The overall goal of this Connections Grant is to document evidence of best practices for engaged scholarship from across the social sciences and humanities and connect that evidence to academic, community and knowledge broker audiences. The one day York Symposium for the Scholarship of Engagement will bring together 48 participants made up of faculty from three universities, students, non-academic partners and knowledge brokers from across a range of Faculties and disciplines to present on diverse aspects of engaged scholarship. Connecting scholarship on engagement to knowledge mobilization practice will maximize the impact of research on practice. The Symposium will be co-hosted by York University’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit and the United Way of York Region. The event will take place on October 2, 2013.