Spaces of Memory: Between "Tangible reliefs" and "Internal Objects" in Learning from the Past


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SSHRC Standard Research Grant

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The study investigates the psychical complexities of historical learning occurring in the context of “historical pilgrimages” where students and teachers journey to historic sites to encounter the “tangible” relics of history. The project is a qualitative study that involves interviewing student and teacher travelers during and after their visits to each of these sites. Of particular interest are the ways students and teachers narrate the conflicts--anxieties and wishes--at play within particular spaces of memory, thereby attempting to complicate the binary between “the imagined” and “the happened” in discussions of historical representation. This study asks, then, how history educators might begin to contemplate an archive of “internal objects” that “tangible relics” (and efforts to narrate them) arouse in students. It is a project that will be of interest to scholars working at the intersection of historical memory and education as well as to history teachers, online networks that explore questions of memory and pedagogy, museums and tour companies.