Feminists in Games (FiG): a Canadian Industry/Academy Research Partnership


Funding Program:

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

Funding Amount:


A very real challenge of the 21st century is the enduring inequity between men and women, especially in relation to the design, uptake and use of digital technologies. The goal of this project is to actively engage, to effectively intervene and to successfully transform that situation. This project assembles an international research association of digital media researchers from a full range of salient disciplines to begin building 'connective tissue' between and among them, so as to

  • better understand the origins and consequences of this gendered digital divide, and
  • intervene in its reproduction.

As a partnership project, knowledge transfer between academy and industry will be integral to this partnership project, taking the form of a web 2.0 based repository for gender-focused research for the games industry. This is not just a comprehensive archive, but an interactive data base to "bridge the knowledge gap" across this most recent, and powerful, digital divide.