Commemorative Pedagogical Practices: Exploring the Public Educational Potential of Law and Memorial Art Practices and Addressing the Unsettled Past in Spain and Argentina


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SSHRC Standard Research Grant

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This project seeks to explore the pedagogical implications of artistic memorial practices that arise amid legal attempts to address an unsettling and unsettled past. The project will focus specifically on Spain and Argentina, two societies in different stages of transition that are presently attempting to come to terms with state sanctioned wrongs. Each nation’s legal process of grappling with its traumatic past consequently unleashes incommensurable and unsettled memories riddling the national “we.” This project is thus interested in exploring how particular artistic works provide frames of orientation that render collective meaning to the irruptive memories that arise when nations use legal forums to teach and account for past state wrongs. This research will be of interest to those considering the public educational opportunities that occur through trials, truth commissions, commemorative events, and artistic practices grappling with historical traumatic events.