Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN)


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SSHRC Strategic Knowledge Cluster

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The Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) brings together top researchers on homelessness in Canada. Working in collaboration with a range of key stakeholders and institutions (in the non-profit sector and in government), this group is committed to enhancing the impact of research on the homelessness crisis. The focus is on establishing effective mechanisms for knowledge exchange and mobilization in the area of homelessness research in Canada. The central research question that guides the Network is: “In what ways can research more effectively contribute to solutions to homelessness in Canada?”

The Network has three key objectives:

  • to provide opportunities for collaboration among the diversity of groups and researchers involved in homelessness across Canada;
  • to make existing research on homelessness more accessible and reduce the geographical, sectoral, and socio-economic divisions that impede knowledge exchange; and
  • to ‘make research matter’ by exploring ways that research can more effectively engage the general public, policy makers and other decision-makers in the homelessness sector.