AMD After School Game Production Club


Funding Program:

York University Foundation / Friends of York University

Funding Amount:


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a technology development company specializing in computer processors and related technologies, has provided over $160,000 since 2011 to develop and continually offer the Kids Game Development Camp at York University.

To combat the lagging technical skill set and shrinking world of social and educational opportunity for low-income students, York University, Dr. Jennifer Jenson, and students and community members, in partnership with AMD, established a program for primary- and secondary-level students to acquire computer programming skills through game development. The program offers participants an opportunity to gain useful skills and knowledge, to mentor and be mentored, and develop their overall confidence and technical skills.

During the program, youth are given the chance to construct their own computer games from start to finish, tapping into their creativity while giving them hands-on training in the most basic of technical computer skills. The program is facilitated through the help of emerging peer mentors and returning students from previous years, who provide fundamental support for budding game makers.