A Psychoanalytic Inquiry into the Emotional World of the Teacher's Education


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SSHRC Standard Research Grant

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This conceptual study of representations of the teacher’s emotional world is designed to create a new vocabulary for a psychology of teaching built from psychoanalytic, aesthetic, and critical representations of emotional life in education. It asks how belief, doubt, wishes, ambivalence, critique, relationality, and fantasies of education propose conflictive images of self/other learning relations and affect constellations of mental life in the teacher’s formation. The major goals of this project are:

  • to relate an affecting psychology of teaching to a vocabulary for understanding the teacher’s inner life; and
  • to create a theory of the teacher’s learning that ties the situation of education to conflicts within reflective capacities that tolerate flux, uncertainty, frustration and change.

In so doing, this research contributes to an understanding of education from representations of the emotional world, proposes new discussions on the psychology of the teaching, and examines education as a human condition.