Eligibility Requirements

PQP Part 1


Basic Requirements

  • Hold an acceptable undergraduate degree AND
  • Hold certification in three divisions including Intermediate AND
  • Have completed a minimum of FIVE full years of successful teaching.

PLUS one of the following options

Option 1

  • Hold an acceptable Masters degree
    Note: For those candidates whose Masters and B.Ed were completed on the same year, according to new legislation, they are not qualified to take the PQP under this prerequisite option.

Option 2

  • Hold any combination of two Specialist and/or Honour Specialist Additional Qualifications (OR one Combined Honour Specialist Additional Qualification)

Option 3

  • Have completed course work in a Masters program equivalent to one-half of a Master's degree (excluding any courses applied toward teacher education program) AND
  • Hold one Specialist or Honour Specialist Additional Qualification

Option 4

  • Have completed 30 graduate postsecondary credits (excluding any credits applied toward teacher education program)
  • If you do not satisfy any of Options 1 to 4 but you have qualifications in Technological Education, contact our office to review other possibilities.

Required Information and Documents

  • A signed Supervisory Officer's Form
  • Date of Birth
  • Completed and signed Conditional Admission to PQP Part 1 Course form for any recently completed prerequisite AQ/ABQ that does not yet appear on the OCT public registry
  • For Option 1: send an official transcript from the granting university if the Masters degree does not appear on the OCT public registry
  • For Option 3: send an official transcript and a letter from the granting university confirming candidate has completed a half Masters
  • For Option 4: send an official transcript from the granting university.

PQP Part 2


You are eligible for admission to Part 2 of the Principal's Qualification Program if you provide acceptable documentation issued by the OCT showing that you hold Part 1 of the Principal's Qualification AND the practicum proposal or the practicum has been completed.

Required Documents: Part 2

  1. If you did not take Part 1 at York you will need to submit proof from your PQP Part 1 provider that you have successfully completed either the Practicum Proposal or the Practicum. In the case of those who took Part 1 at York we will have confirmation of completion of the practicum at York.
  2. If PQP-1 has been completed only recently and does not yet appear on the Public Register, you are required to submit an appropriately completed and signed Conditional Admission to PQP Part 2 Course form.
    Note: The Conditional Admission form can only be signed by the Faculty Registrar when the prerequisite course has been completed and results are available. OCT legislation prohibits us from accepting grade reports, letters of completion, etc., in lieu of the Conditional Admission form.