Applying to Graduate

Teacher candidates in the Full-Time program do not have to apply to graduate. However, Concurrent BEd teacher candidates should apply to graduate.


For specific instructions and further details about convocation such as robing, marshalling visit

Degree Requirements - Concurrent BEd

Please note that the Concurrent Bachelor of Education degree is awarded at the same convocation ceremony as the undergraduate degree. If a Concurrent BEd teacher candidate completes degree requirements for one degree in time for June convocation but still has missing requirements for the other degree, he/she should not expect to convocate in June with one degree and convocate in October with the other. Graduation for both degrees must be delayed until all degree requirements for both degrees have been satisfied.

OCT Registration

In order to be certified to teach, two items need to be submitted to OCT:

  1. official transcripts: Candidates are responsible to send their official transcripts for their undergraduate and BEd degree to OCT. Transcripts must have the notation that the degrees have been conferred. This can be specified when you order your transcripts. The Faculty of Education does not send transcripts.
  2. Recommendation from a Faculty of Education: In order for the BEd Student Services office to send your recommendation, we will require the OCT registration number for each graduating teacher candidate. Please remember that the Faculty of Education will send recommendations for graduating teacher candidates approximately 1-2 weeks after convocation. As of May 11, 2020 the link to submit your OCT registration number is down so we're asking you to submit the information through the Mach form at Students who have submitted the OCT number already do not need to submit again through the MACH form.
  3. Note that there are now deadlines for registering with the OCT.