Advanced Credit Experience (ACE)

The ACE (Advanced Credit Experience) is a partnership between the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), York University Faculty Association (YUFA) Trust and the Faculty of Education at York University, that aims to enhance university access for Grade 12 students from the following schools:

  • C.W. Jefferys C.I. (TDSB)
  • Westview Centennial C.I. (TDSB)
  • Emery C.I. (TDSB)
  • James Cardinal McGuigan High School (TCDSB)

The YUFA Trust supports the entire program and bursaries are provided by an endowment created by YUFA Trust. The program also offers placements to first-year Education students as an opportunity to connect with students in the Jane-Finch community and gain first hand experience on what it means to teach and learn with a community-centric and urban education lens. The community placement is a required component of the compulsory B.Ed. course “Studies in Communities and their Schools”, and the ACE program is one of the placement options teacher candidates can select.