Financial Information - Graduate Students

All full-time MEd and PhD students in our program are offered a minimum guarantee of funds either as teaching assistants, graduate assistants or research assistants. The specific amounts are included in the offer letter.

Please note:

  • As per the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ registration regulation, full-time graduate students may not be regularly employed for more than an average of 10 hours per week for any period for which they are registered. If the student is employed by the University as a graduate assistant or teaching assistant, the 10 hours per week represents the total time spent by the student in connection with the appointment and includes the time spent on preparative work, reading set assignments, marking examinations.
  • Students who work full-time are required to register as part-time students. 

A list of awards, scholarships and bursaries available to graduate students can be accessed at the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Complete an application for awards and bursaries that are available to full-time students from through the Graduate Program in Education.

Complete a grant application to research agencies. Access the FGS resources for writing grant applications.

To be eligible for bursaries, students must complete the Student Financial Profile and complete the appropriate application. See deadlines for completing the profile each year. 

Use the funding calculator to see potential funding scenarios in a full-time degree program.

Need help in understanding this information? Set up a personalized funding advising session with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

NOTE: A new funding model came into effect at York University in Fall 2016. Please visit Graduate Funding Model for further information including frequently asked questions and contact information.