Degrees & Diplomas

Graduate Degrees in Education

All graduate students engage in research through coursework. Masters students can write a thesis or complete a major research project. Doctoral students’ work culminates in the writing and defence of a dissertation. There are also opportunities to engage in independent research and/or to work with faculty on their research. Our program offers the opportunity for full- and part-time study.

Graduate Diplomas in Education

Graduate Diplomas offer students the opportunity to explore a topic of interest in education. They can be taken concurrently with a Master of Education (MEd) or Doctorate (PhD), or taken as a stand-alone non-degree program. The diploma can supplement the learning in a graduate degree program or provide individuals with knowledge in a subject area and the opportunity to develop academic skills in writing and research.

Graduate Diplomas offered in Education include:

Graduate Diplomas offered in partnership include:

Another Graduate Diploma that may be of interest to educators at York University:

Applicants are advised that both PhD and MEd programs require students to engage research of a scholarly nature. In order to be be considered for admission, applicants must demonstrate academic excellence. Statements should address applicants' academic interests.

View the Graduate Diploma Checklist for course information.

Note for graduate diplomas taken concurrently with degrees (Type 2): Following Senate guidelines, courses taken in fulfilment of degree requirements may count towards the graduate diploma, but some part of the graduate diploma requirements shall be additional to degree requirements. All the requirements for the degree as well as for the graduate diploma must be fulfilled before the graduate diploma is awarded. Normally, the graduate diploma will be awarded at the convocation at which the degree is awarded.

Note: Courses that are counted toward one Graduate Diploma cannot be double-counted towards an additional, separate Graduate Diploma. Students can take a maximum of two graduate diplomas concurrently with a degree program.