Program coursework in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Education Program consists of a core set of comprehensive courses, totaling 27.00 credits, and three specialization courses, totalling 9.00 credits. Courses designated as 6.00 are 72-hour courses; those designated as 3.00 are 36-hour courses.

Core courses

  • Language, Literacy and Development 1 (6.00)
  • Language and Literacy Development 2 (6.00)
  • Educational Audiology (6.00)
  • Educational Use of Signed Language (3.00)
  • Deaf Studies - Introduction (3.00)
  • Teaching and Learning Seminar (3.00)
  • Practicum - Two four-week practica, totalling 400 hours (320 hours of direct teaching and 80 hours of observation)

Specialization courses

Teacher Candidates are required to choose an area of specialization after completing most of the core prerequisite courses. Teacher Candidates choose either the ASL Communication Stream or the Oral/Aural Communication Stream. Teacher Candidates complete the appropriate three courses assigned to the area of specialization. Teacher Candidates do not need to choose a specialization prior to program entry.

To enrol in the ASL stream, Teacher Candidates must have the ability to teach with ASL as the language of instruction. An assessment of ASL skills is arranged by the program for Teacher Candidates who express interest in the ASL stream.

Specialization courses for the Oral/Aural Communication stream are:

  • Listening and Speaking for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners (3.00)
  • Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners in Inclusive Settings (3.00)
  • Classroom Amplification (3.00)

Specialization courses for the ASL Communication stream are:

  • ASL Deaf Studies-Culture and Community (3.00)
  • American Sign Language - Linguistics (3.00)
  • Bilingual Bicultural Education (3.00)