International Students

Join us!

Students who are interested in applying to a full degree program can find details:

Exchange Programs

Students who are studying at partner institutions can apply to join us for a term or year on an international exchange program.

Visiting Students on a Letter of Permission

If you are a university student who is studying in a Faculty of Education (or equivalent), and your home institution does not have an exchange agreement with York University, you can still take another “path” to study with us for one or two terms as a Visiting Student!


Speak with the appropriate office (e.g., registrar's office, international office) at your home institution to ensure that they are aware of your plans and that they are able to approve the courses you plan to take.  They will be able to provide you with the full application form. You can view the York University schedules and course descriptions for current and upcoming terms. Please note that courses in the Faculty of Education are indicated with the code ED at the beginning (e.g., ED/EDUC 2900) and undergraduate courses are offered at the 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 levels only.

Course Load

15 York credits per term (equivalent to 30 ECTS)


As a part of the application, you must provide York University with an official letter from your home university, indicating that they are taking courses towards their degree. If appropriate, you will be required to provide proof of language proficiency as well.

Application Deadline

Application and supporting information (Letter of permission, official transcript and proof of language proficiency (if applicable) is due by:  July 1 (September entry); October 1 (January entry); February 1 (May entry)


Upon completion of the program you must make arrangements to have your transcript sent to your home university independently.

Institutions who are interested in providing their students with the option of studying with us on a letter of permission can contact us.

Internationally-Educated Teachers

If you are qualified as a teacher outside Canada and have obtained your letter of assessment from the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), we can help you to meet your requirements for certification through coursework or practicum. Contact our Undergraduate Student Services office for details.

Please note: This resource is provided as a guide only. Information may change without notice; students are responsible for ensuring that they have completed all of the steps required for the process.