How to Apply

High School Applicants - Direct Entry to the BEd Program

  1. Current Ontario high school applicants apply through the OUAC on the 101 application. Select both the York Faculty that you are applying to and the BEd program.
    • Students must submit their application for admissions to the OUAC by mid-January to be considered for this program.
    • Current high school applicants studying outside of Ontario (including out-of-province and international high school students) or students who have completed their high school diploma but have not attended a post-secondary institution need to apply through the OUAC on the 105 application. After applying through the 105 OUAC application and receiving a York reference number, applicants must submit the Faculty of Education BEd Direct Entry Concurrent Form (PDF). Deadline to apply is February 1, 2020.
  2. Complete the Supplementary Form and the Online Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
    • All BEd Direct Entry applicants are required to submit an online supplementary form which includes:
      • Experience profile
      • Experience summary
      • Personal statement
      • Two online letters of recommendation.
    • As well, all applicants who submit the online supplementary form will be required to pay a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee.
      • Information on the online supplementary form and payment process will be available on MyFile when filling out the online supplementary form.
All Direct Entry BEd applicants will receive an acknowledgement email from the Faculty of Education, Student Services end of January with information and the steps to submitting the online supplementary form and online referees.
Applicants to the Direct Entry model of the BEd who have submitted all required documents by the deadline date stated on MyFile and received an offer of admission to their Faculty of choice will advance to the Education Admissions committee review. Decisions will be sent out by the second week of May.

Concurrent Entry to the BEd - Upper year entrance for 2020

Application process

York students wishing to be considered for the Concurrent model of the BEd program log into York U MyFile and submit the online supplementary form which includes:

  • An experience hours/summary
  • Personal statement
  • Two online letters of reference

The Upper-Year BEd program is offered at the Keele Campus (BEd) only.

Application deadline: March 15, 2020

Online application will be available early January.

Keele Campus BEd

In order to apply for the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program at the Keele Campus in the Concurrent delivery model, a York University student will need to have successfully completed:

  • Minimum number of university credits:
    • A minimum of 60 credits (if applying to either the Primary-Junior or Junior-Intermediate divisions and pursuing a 90 credit York degree) OR
    • A minimum of 90 credits (if applying to either the Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate or Intermediate-Senior divisions and pursuing a 120 credit York degree)
  • Minimum of 30 credits remaining in their undergraduate degree
  • Minimum overall GPA of C+ or a 5.00 grade point average by May in their academic Faculty to be eligible for co-registration in the BEd degree program.

NOTE: Students wishing to graduate from a three-year bachelor program degree from their academic Faculty are only eligible to apply to the Primary-Junior or Junior-Intermediate teaching panels.

Our Concurrent BEd program model allows students to work toward an education degree while at the same time completing most other York undergraduate degrees.

Glendon BEd (French as a Second Language)

Glendon BA French Studies students wishing to be considered for the Glendon Bachelor of Education, French as a Second Language (FSL) will apply while in their final year of their BA French Studies program or have already completed the BA degree. Application is through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (Teacher Education Application Services)  Deadline December 1, 2019.

  • Glendon students enter the program if pursuing a general degree (90.00 credits) with teaching level Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate, or if pursuing an honours degree (120.00 credits) with teaching level Primary/Junior, Junior/Intermediate or Intermediate/Senior prior to September 2020.
  • Glendon students interested in Junior/Intermediate or Intermediate/Senior are required to have French Studies as their Glendon major to meet the French teachable requirement.

Please note that space is limited. For more information regarding eligibility, see the Academic Calendar (Go to: 'Degree Requirements', 'Faculty-Wide Degree Requirements', then 'BEd – Concurrent and Consecutive Program Models',  'French as a Second Language – Glendon campus').


Glendon’s Bachelor of Education program emphasizes excellent French language proficiency and an in-depth understanding of francophone cultures. To satisfy the francophone cultural component of the program, prior to entering the BEd program, it is mandatory that Glendon students will have participated in either a one-year study program in a francophone context or they will have completed 12 credits in courses related to francophone culture.  Please consult the Francophone Culture Credits List for up-to-date course offerings.

Furthermore, students may be asked to write a French proficiency test in January. 

Other Application Considerations