BEd - Concurrent

Complete two university degrees at the same time in order to become a qualified teacher in Ontario! Students can apply to our Bachelor of Education (BEd) program in a concurrent delivery model in two ways:

  1. Apply directly from high school (Direct Entry model) while also applying to select Faculties at the same time or
  2. Apply after completing 60 or 90 credits* at York University (Upper Year concurrent model) from select Faculties.

Those admitted to either Concurrent BEd program model will begin year 1 of the 2-year BEd program after completing 90 credits of their York undergraduate program. See example concurrent schedule and example concurrent schedule for Glendon campus cohort.

*York University students who have not entered the BEd program through Direct Entry model can apply to the concurrent BEd in their Upper Year.  Steps to submit the online application will be posted on MyFile in early January 2020.

While co-registered in the two Faculties, students' combined degree program is subject to the approval of the two Faculties. Students pursuing their BEd also work towards the completion of a BA, BES, BHS, BSc, BFA, IBA, IBSC or a BAS degree.

To be considered for the Concurrent BEd program students must be admitted to and eligible to continue in an undergraduate program in one of York University’s other Faculties:

Students are carefully selected on the basis of academic achievement, inclusiveness, experience and personal characteristics relevant to the teaching profession, as articulated in the application. The BEd degree is awarded concurrently only in conjunction with an academic degree as described above.

Concurrent Degree Model

Students will normally begin the BEd program:

  • If pursuing a three-year general degree (90 credits) with teaching levels in Primary-Junior or Junior-Intermediate:
    • In year four of the concurrent program model after completing a minimum of 60 York University credits or equivalent  or
  • If pursuing an four-year Honours degree (120 credits) with teaching levels in Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate, or Intermediate-Senior:
    • In year four of the concurrent program model after completing a minimum of 90 York University credits or equivalent.

See example concurrent schedule and example concurrent schedule for Glendon campus cohort.

Special Concentrations with the BEd

York University's Faculty of Education offers the most diverse undergraduate education curriculum in Ontario, with both Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Bachelor of Education in Technological Education (BEd Technological Education) degree programs. We also offer opportunities in French language, Jewish Teacher Education and a formal Specialization in International Education.

Students in the Intermediate-Senior divisions are able to complete qualifications in one of the most extensive ranges of teaching subjects in the province.

Teaching Certification Levels

Students are required to choose from one of three teaching levels:

Please refer to the undergraduate calendar for more details on the three certification levels.

How to Apply!