About Us

The driving force behind York’s Faculty of Education is the belief that where there is education, there is also a powerful transformation.  As one of the largest Faculties of Education in Ontario, we strive to provide passionate, creative people with an inspiring environment in which they can cultivate their interests, gain the tools they need to motivate students and engage communities, actively contribute to the evolution of education, and become powerful catalysts for change themselves.

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What we offer

Equity, Diversity and Social Justice

The Faculty of Education offers a broad range of programs, research initiatives and partnerships that embody commitment to equity, diversity, community, collaboration, interdisciplinarity and social justice. A number of faculty members' current research and special projects are focused on themes such as:

  • Parent involvement
  • Homelessness
  • First Nations, Métis & Indigenous (FNMI) studies
  • Inclusive education for people with disabilities
  • Deaf and hard of hearing teacher education
  • Jewish teacher education
  • Racism, violence and health
  • School reform
  • Teachers' work for equity and diversity
  • School-university partnerships

The commitment to equity and diversity of York's Faculty of Education extends beyond the local toward global issues in education. Work in the area of international education ensures that York student experience encompasses international issues, perspectives and opportunities in a more systematic, participatory and meaningful way through a range of teaching-learning and research related activities.

International Partnerships

A delegation from China consisting of government, university and public and private school system officials visited York’s Faculty of Education in May 2014

York University welcomes international delegations and visitors. If you are interested in visiting the Faculty of Education regarding professional development and partnerships please contact the Faculty of Education, York University at edudean@edu.yorku.ca.