People of YU - Joannes Yimbesalu

Joannes Yimbesalu"Because she was a girl, my mum never had the opportunity to finish school, but she did everything she could to ensure that all four of her sons received the best quality education – one she never had. Forever inspired by her, I am a global education youth expert and activist with over 7 years of experience working with governments, Think Tanks, civil society organizations and other youth networks across Africa. My passion is to ensure that every boy or girl completes 12 years of free, quality education in an environment that is safe and allows them to reach their fullest potential."

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Joannes Yimbesalu, BMLS, MSc, CPH, CID, MLCE
Alumni, Master of Leadership and Community Engagement (MLCE)
Faculty of Education
Twitter: @yimbesalu

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