Professor Sandra Schecter to speak at prestigious Royal Swedish Academy

Professor Sandra SchecterProfessor Sandra R. Schecter has been invited by the prestigious Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm to participate in a three-day (May 17-19) symposium on “Learning for the newly arrived.” While the Academy is generally recognized for its promotion of research and designation of awards in the ‘hard’ sciences, in recent years it has allocated resources to generating a wider knowledge base on topics determined to be of special importance to Swedish society. This year eight distinguished scholars and experts from multiple disciplines will contribute their knowledge and insights to the theme of the symposium. Dr. Schecter, an applied linguist, will present findings and discuss implications of an ensemble of her research studies concerned with “Fostering the academic literacy development and social integration of native-born linguistic minority students.”

Schecter’s research spans multiple related fields of inquiry – bilingual and multilingual language acquisition and learning, language socialization, language and cultural identity, language policy and planning and community-referenced pedagogy. She has published widely on language learning, language socialization and language planning in the context of bi- and multi-lingual societies, yielding 6 authored or edited books, 30 journal articles, 14 book chapters and resulting in more than 70 conference presentations, not to mention her numerous invited talks.