Investigating Intercultural Ways of Knowing through Dance and Movement in Diverse Classrooms


Margaret Manson

Funding Program:

SSHRC Insight Development Grant

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The objective of this research project is to initiate an interdisciplinary investigation through dance and movement into the contingent nature of knowledge construction/production in diverse schools serving diasporic communities in Toronto. The inquiry focuses on two specific areas of interest: teachers' knowledge of the cultural contexts in which their students live, and students' engagements with and contributions to classroom practices and pedagogies. Utilizing an interdisciplinary, arts-based approach, the study examines existing intercultural epistemological processes and practices engaged with by teachers and learners to consider

  1. how new forms of hybrid knowledge and intercultural exchange might inform the ongoing development of responsive and inclusive classroom pedagogies, and
  2. how arts-based inquiry through dance and movement informs student engagement and professional development.