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Concurrent Bachelor of Education

Our Concurrent BEd, to which you can apply from high school (Pre-Education Direct Entry) for select Faculties or after completing one year of university study, allows you to work toward your education degree while at the same time completing most other York undergraduate degrees.

To be considered for the Concurrent BEd program, a student must be admitted to and eligible to continue in an undergraduate program in one of the York University faculties (Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Health, Science, Engineering, or Glendon). Only those students who are admitted to an undergraduate degree program at York are eligible to be admitted to the Faculty of Education. While co-registered, the combined study program of each candidate is subject to the approval of the two Faculties. Teacher candidates pursuing BEd studies also work towards the completion of a BA, BES, BHS, BSc or BFA degree. Students are carefully selected on the basis of academic achievement, oral communication abilities, experience and personal characteristics relevant to the teaching profession. The BEd degree is awarded only in conjunction with an academic degree as described above. Teacher Candidates admitted to ED 1 in 2014, their academic bachelor program, normally requiring three years for completion, will require four years when taken concurrently with the education degree. Similarly, a program normally requiring four years for completion could require five years. Teacher Candidates beginning ED 1 in 2015 will be required to complete 4 semesters of course work, including the minimum 80 days of classroom teaching experience. The academic bachelor program, normally requiring three years for completion, will require five years when taken concurrently with the education degree. Similarly, a program normally requiring four years for completion will require six years.

You can also specialize in French, Jewish, Indigenous, International and Technological teacher education. The Jewish Teacher option prepares you to teach Hebrew and Jewish studies in public and Jewish day schools. The French option, with most classes taught at Glendon, is for those who wish to teach in immersion, core, or extended French classrooms. For Indigenous Teacher Education, you need to complete Issues in Indigenous Education in your first year at university. You can also specialize in International Education by completing two internationally-focused elective courses, a program-based international experience, and a related co-curricular activity (32 hours of work).

Technological Education is open to individuals enrolled in a related applied field at an Ontario Community College. All teacher candidates pursuing certification at the Intermediate/Senior level must have or will be completing  a four-year honours applied degree.

High School Applicants

Students accepted into the Pre-Education Direct Entry option for September 2014 will begin the first year of the Concurrent BEd program in 2015 or after. Eligibility requirements to continue in the program are the same for those accepted into the BEd program through the existing second-year entry point (i.e. Direct Entry students must maintain a minimum of a C+ average in their first year at the University, complete at least 24 credits, equivalent to four full-year courses, and have a minimum 36 credits, equivalent to six full-year courses, remaining in their undergraduate degree) to remain eligible for the BEd program. Throughout the first year at university for successful applicants in the Pre-Education Direct Entry option, a three-credit practicum seminar will be required. During the spring between first and second year of university study at York University (Faculty of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts,  Glendon, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Faculty of Science or The Lassonde School of Engineering), students will attend a mandatory new student advising session to further discuss the features of the Bachelor of Education program. Students who did not apply for the Pre-Education Direct Entry program may be eligible to apply to the BEd program through the existing second or third-year admission process.

University Applicants

In order to apply for the Concurrent BEd program, a university student would need to have successfully completed a minimum of four full-year courses (24 credits) and have a minimum of 6 full-year (36 credits) remaining in their undergraduate degree. Students must have a minimum C+ overall average or a 5.00 grade point average in their academic Faculty to be eligible for co registration in any one of the three basic programs (Primary/Junior, Junior/Intermediate, Intermediate/Senior). Students wishing to graduate with a three-year bachelor program degree from their academic Faculty are eligible to enrol in the primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate programs only.

Certification Levels

Please refer to the undergraduate calendar for more details on the three certification levels (Primary/Junior, Junior/Intermediate, Intermediate/Senior). Or view our Summary Curriculum Chart.