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Bachelor of Education

Application Deadlines

Consecutive BEd (Full-time or Part-time) - December 2, 2013
Concurrent BEd - March 21, 2014 (external applicants) March 28, 2014 (York students apply through MyFile)
Concurrent BEd (Pre-Education Direct Entry) - January 15, 2014
Concurrent BEd (Technological Education) - January 31, 2014

York's Faculty of Education offers programs that provide candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the teaching profession as confident and effective teachers. We strive to infuse our programs with a healthy combination of theory and practice. This is achieved, in part, through a unique, complementary staffing model. Tenure-stream faculty members are teamed with teachers or other school board personnel seconded full-time to the University for up to three years. York's Bachelor of Education graduates are in high demand because of their awareness of social justice issues, their knowledge of current theory and research, and their extensive classroom experience.

Students have the opportunity to study the philosophical and social foundations of education, professional rights and responsibilities, theories of communication and human development, planning, pedagogy, and curriculum development in a unique, interdisciplinary environment.

The Faculty of Education at York offers concurrent undergraduate programs for students simultaneously enrolled in other undergraduate. Faculties and a full- and part-time consecutive undergraduate program for prospective teachers who have already graduated in another discipline.

Selection is based on grade point average, related age-specific experience (as a classroom volunteer, coach, camp counsellor, etc.), a personal statement and two letters of reference.

Graduates of the BEd program can be certified to teach in Ontario for the Primary/Junior (JK to Grade 6), Junior/Intermediate (Grade 4 to Grade 10), and the Intermediate/Senior (Grade 7 to Grade 12) divisions.

Program information can also be found in the York University undergraduate calendar.