Transfers / Withdrawals

Course Cancellations / Changes

York reserves the right to combine and/or cancel program offerings and to change locations and/or dates. Decisions to cancel programs will be made immediately following the registration deadline date and candidates impacted will be emailed of the cancellation. In the event of a course cancellation, a full refund including the non-refundable amounts will be issued.

Candidates are advised to verify program dates, location, instructor and other details just prior to the start of class.


To submit a transfer request, login to your online account profile.  A course transfer will be considered subject to eligibility and space availability. Transfer requests between courses in the same session will not be accepted after courses have begun.

A one-time only transfer to the next available session is possible if transfer notice is received in our office by the transfer deadline. No transfers are accepted after the deadline dates.

Withdrawal & Refund Schedule

AQ/ABQ/PQP Courses

Ineligible candidates:
Applicants who do not meet prerequisites requirements will be deemed ineligible for admission and fees refunded subject to the non-refundable amounts below:

  • $50 tuition deposit amount
  • $50 French Proficiency Test fee (if applicable)
Withdrawals requested by candidates:
To submit a withdrawal request, login to your online account profile. Withdrawals are effective on the date the withdrawal notice is received in our office and fees refunded subject to the non-refundable amounts below:

  • $50 - French Proficiency Test fee
  • $150 - Before course begins (Includes $50 non-refundable; $100 withdrawal fees)
  • $250 - After course begins (Includes $50 non-refundable; $200 withdrawal fees)

No refunds are issued after the withdrawal deadline dates.

Certificate Programs, Modules, Events

Cancellation & Refund policy varies by program, module or event.
See individual course description details for course or event-specific withdrawal policy.