International Professional Development

Why Learn at York University's Faculty of Education?

In classrooms and school settings around the world, demands on educators have changed. Teachers are working with increasingly diverse groups of students, and they are preparing pupils for work as global citizens in various international workplaces.  As a large university in Toronto––one of the world’s most multicultural areas and Canada’s largest city––York University is a specialist in providing quality teacher education and professional development programs to teachers and administrators.

Who can participate in professional development at York University Faculty of Education?

The Faculty of Education at York University offers professional development for those educators who are just beginning their career and for experienced teachers and educational leaders (Principals, Superintendents, government officials and other leaders in education) who are interested in continuous improvement.

Where are the learning opportunities offered?

These learning opportunities can be offered on the York University campus, offsite in an international location and online.

What is the language of instruction?

English is the language of instruction in the Faculty of Education’s programs. However, oral translation may be possible for short-term non-credit programs.

Certificate Programs

The programs are designed to be flexible, interactive and relevant for educators at all levels.  The program delivery includes on-site, online, and blended solutions that are customized to meet your professional learning goals.

Contact Information

To discuss how York University’s Faculty of Education can work with your university, college, faculty, school board, or government institution, contact the Office of Professional Learning, Faculty of Education, York University by phone at +1-416-736-5003 or by email at

Internationally-Educated Teachers & Ontario Certification

If you are a teacher who has been educated outside Canada who has received an assessment letter from the Ontario College of Teachers,  we provide practicum and coursework options. Contact our Undergraduate Student Services office for details.