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About AQs/ABQs*

Additional Qualifications (AQs) and Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQs) are an element of teacher professional development for certified members of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

York AQs/ABQs:

  • Are offered for on a “recommended/not recommended” basis
  • Grades are not assigned
  • Do not carry degree credit
  • Require a 125 hour commitment as mandated by OCT
  • Are offered in fully online, partially online and face-to-face formats

What are Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQs)?

ABQ courses allow teachers to:

  • prepare to teach students at the primary, junior, intermediate or senior level
  • add another division or general studies subject area to what they are already qualified to teach
  • provide English or French-speaking teachers with the skills to work in the other language
  • extend skills and knowledge in design, delivery and assessment in the division or subject

What are Additional Qualifications (AQs)?

AQ courses allow teachers to:

  • expand knowledge and skills in the divisions and subjects in which they are already qualified
  • to acquire knowledge in new subject areas
  • extend  knowledge and skills in the design and delivery of specific programs
  • to prepare teachers to assume specific roles such as coordinator or consultant for a particular course or program

*Adapted from information provided on The Ontario College of Teachers website.