Part-time Program for Non-Ontario Residents

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Education Program is offering a limited number of additional spaces to Canadian applicants from outside Ontario. Please note that admission requirements and tuition fees are different for non-Ontario applicants.

Non-Ontario residents take the program part-time over three years, from August to April each year. Part-time Teacher Candidates enrol in two courses per term in a prescribed order. The learning expectations of the program and the assignments are the same for all Teacher Candidates.

Teacher Candidates enrolled should plan to spend approximately five to seven hours per course each week. This time commitment takes into account participation in the online class (i.e., viewing the sessions) and completing the associated coursework. Teacher Candidates may be required to attend some class components in Toronto during the summer months; these arrangements will be clearly communicated in advance.

Practicum Requirements in the Program

All Teacher Candidates must complete 400 hours of practicum (320 hours of direct teaching and 80 hours of observation). Part-time Teacher Candidates will complete their practicum placement in the third year of the program. Teacher candidates may be asked to travel and will be responsible for all expenses incurred. If currently employed, it is strongly recommended that Teacher Candidates discuss the practicum requirements with their school boards and school administrators at the time of applying to the program.

Teacher Candidates enrolled in the program will be required to provide and maintain a current, original Criminal Record Check that includes a Vulnerable Sector Screening, as required by Provincial Law and the school board throughout their duration in the program. Specific provincial requirements for working with children or in schools will also be required, as appropriate.

Teacher candidates in the part-time program will work with their Practicum Facilitator to establish an appropriate placement in their local area. Placements will be monitored by a York faculty member.

NOTE: All Teacher Candidates are required to complete and submit a clear criminal record check with Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) on an annual basis in order to maintain enrolment in the program.

Program Requirement(s)

To remain in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Education Program, Teacher Candidates must maintain a minimum grade of a C+ in each course. If a failing grade is received in any course or practicum placement, teacher candidates will be ineligible to continue and will be withdrawn from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Education Program. In addition, a current unrestricted teaching license in good standing with the home province must be maintained through the entire program.

Program Completion

Graduates of the program earn 36 university credits and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma from York University. It is each individual’s responsibility to check with jurisdictions outside of Ontario to confirm if the program will be recognized for employment. Please note that without being a registered current teacher with the OCT, the program will not qualify a teacher for the OCT credential.


Tuition costs for the upcoming academic year are outlined in the application package. Teacher Candidates will be required to pay material fees for some courses and to purchase textbooks and other personal learning materials.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Education Program Office. Phone: 416-736-5971, TTY 416-736-5972 or email: