HIV/AIDS in 21st Century Education: A Research Symposium

April 5, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
305 York Lanes, York University

Sponsored by Professor Deborah Britzman,York Chair in Pedagogy and Psycho-social Transformations

A light lunch will be served
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This international symposium focuses on HIV/AIDS as it has come to impact bodies, knowledge, and relationality in the 21st century. During the late twentieth century, as HIV/AIDS came to decimate various queer populations in the United States and beyond, educational scholars took up and on the role of HIV/AIDS as not only, at that time, a deadly virus, but a virus that illuminated the limits of knowledge (Britzman, 1995; Silin, 1995). “The pandemic known as AIDS,” Britzman (1995) argued, “makes radically insufficient the categories education has historically offered” (p. 152). In our recent “then,” queer educational research sought to push against this insufficiency to expand the emerging truths about queer populations and practices globally. Decades later, the impact of such work is visible, given the expanded access to queer possibilities and advancements in treatments for HIV/AIDS. Such access and advancements, however, are uneven, illustrating the persistence of inequalities in our present at local, national, and international levels.

This symposium takes up a variety of concerns about and possibilities for HIV and AIDS in the 21st century across the changing landscapes of HIV/AIDS in different national contexts (e.g., Iceland, South Africa, United States). As educators confront the ignorance of students about the histories of HIV and AIDS, these papers offer arguments and perspectives for centralizing HIV and AIDS within 21st century educational research. HIV/AIDS is not merely an issue of queer history, nor just US history, but tells interconnected stories of global proportions. Across the papers, the authors will illustrate both the local concerns and global consequences of the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic and its relevance to and for education.

Professor Deborah Britzman

Paper Presentations:
Queer Liaisons: Challenging Carceral Logics in HIV Education - Erica Meiners (Northeastern Illinois University)

The Subjects of AIDS: A History of AIDS in the 21st Century - Adam J. Greteman (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

“Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves”: Educational Discourses on AIDS/HIV in the Nordic countries - Jon Ingvar Kjaran, Brynja (University of Iceland),
Elisabeth Halldórsdóttir Gudjonsson (University of Iceland), Jukka Lehtonen (University of Helsinki)

Dr. Erica Meiners (Northeastern Illinois University)
Dr. Jón Ingvar Kjaran (University of Iceland)
Dr. Brynja Halldórsdóttir (University of Iceland)
Dr. Jukka Lehtonen (University of Helsinki)
Dr. Adam Greteman (School of the Art Institute of Chicago).
Dr. Deborah Britzman (York University)

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