FESA's Annual Conference on Education (FACE)

February 27, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Accolade West Building (Main Lobby and Room 109)
Faculty of Educaiton Student Association

Attention Teacher Candidates!

Are you interested in broadening your teaching skills and enhancing your techniques to support and engage your students?

You are all invited to attend F.A.C.E ~ FESA's Annual Conference on Education!

FACE is designed to provide you with the opportunities to have discussions with and learn new skills from different professors in the education program and other members of the education community! FACE is a full day event where participants are able to pre-select workshops of interest to them to attend over the course of the day. These workshops are designed to help broaden your teaching skills; increase your awareness and understanding of different educational topics; and, ultimately, to direct you in the right path for YOU!

FEE: $10.00 (exact cash) which gets you:
- Participation in three 2-hour workshops of your choosing (in accordance with our pre-set session schedule)
- Lunch (two slices of pizza [pepperoni, cheese, or vegetarian], a pop, a bag of chips)
- A certificate of attendance and participation to add to your portfolio
*Payment is non-refundable.


REGISTRATION TAKING PLACE IN THE FESA OFFICE - WINTERS COLLEGE 116 FROM TUESDAY JANUARY 19TH THROUGH TUESDAY FEBRUARY 23RD (or until the event reaches capacity). Register now to avoid disaapointment!*

Please come prepared with the 3 workshops you would like to attend (event timeline is listed below and workshop facilitator biographies and workshop descriptions are posted on the event page for your convenience).

There is a maximum 30 participants per workshop and there are 4 workshops per session, which means this event will max out at 120 participants. You must attend a (different) workshop in all 3 sessions to get your certificate!