Frequently Asked Questions

My Community Practicum placement has been confirmed, what’s next?

Once your Community Practicum placement is confirmed by the Practicum Office:

  • Review your specific community placement description, expectations, and responsibilities (as outlined on CPPS).
  • Review orientation date and details, and interview specifics (if applicable).
  • If specified, contact community partner and make arrangements to start placement.
  • Have your original VSS police check available to provide to your placement on the first day.
  • Downloaded WSIB Health and Safety form and Community Practicum Agreement/Log You will need to complete these forms with your placement contact on the first day.
  • Review tips for a successful Community Practicum

For further clarification, please contact the Community Practicum Coordinator:

If I have an accident and/or injured at my Community Practicum placement, what do I do?

If you are injured at your community practicum placement, please complete the following steps ASAP (same day):

  1. Inform your community placement supervisor/contact.
  1. Deal with the injury and get treatment. If you require medical treatment, note that it is a workplace injury.
  1. Inform the Community Practicum Coordinator:
  1. Complete the following forms:

And then scan and email to (same day)

How many hours per week will I spend at my placement?

The Faculty of Education places emphasis on the community field experience, rather than quantity of hours. All placements are negotiated and approved by the Practicum Office, and vary in expectations, responsibilities and hours (depending on the community partnership). Teacher Candidates choose and submit preferences for a community field experience that meet their needs, interests, location and schedules.

When is my placement day?

In YEAR ONE of the Bachelor of Education program, one day a week is dedicated to a Community Practicum experience.

The Student Service office facilitates the scheduling process for teacher candidates.

How do I choose a Community Placement?

All Community Practicum placements are arranged by the Community Practicum Coordinator.

Using the Community Practicum Placement System (CPPS) on the Community Practicum page, teacher candidates will submit preferences to the practicum office.

Teacher candidates may access the Community Practicum Placement System (CPPS), to choose five preferred community placement opportunities within Toronto, Peel or York Region.

Please Note: All placements are confirmed by the practicum office. Teacher Candidates are NOT to contact Community Partners. All teacher candidate preferences are taken into consideration; however, the practicum office does NOT guarantee a community placement based exclusively on teacher candidate preferences.

What might I be doing at my Community Practicum?

  • Job shadowing a member of the organization (as appropriate), and participating in an agreed upon activity
  • Being involved in investigating and analyzing aspects of the organization that may have impacts on learners within the community
  • Investigating how the organization connects with schools, youth and/or families
  • Participating in the organization of a community meeting related to educational concerns and needs of a particular group of parents
  • Participating in educational programs run by the institution
  • Learning about the services and knowledge base available within the community
  • Helping an advocacy group prepare a presentation for school authorities
  • Analysis of a variety of communities and organizations
  • Analysis of one specific site in terms of social justice/equity issues and the nature of learning
  • Analysis of a school as a part of the broader community with a focus on how schools reflect and support the community as a whole.

What Community Practicum opportunities are available to me?

The Faculty of Education partners with a variety of community organizations.

These community partnerships are negotiated through the Practicum Office.

Do I need to choose a community practicum experience based on my teaching division?

Unless specified as a requirement in the placement information, teacher candidates can submit community practicum preferences in ANY teaching division. Teacher Candidates must be able to fulfill the expectations outlined in the placement information.

Once I’ve submitted my preferences, can I change them?

We encourage teacher candidates to take time reading the specific placement information to submit their placement preferences. During (August 4-13, 2017), teacher candidates can revisit and edit their preferences. The placement process is not first come-first served; all preferences will be taken into consideration, if submitted by the deadline.