Religious Education: Teaching in Catholic Schools

Intended to introduce pre-service teacher candidates to professional practice and to extend knowledge and skills in the delivery of Ontario Catholic curriculum, this course answers the question, "What do I need to know to begin teaching in Ontario Catholic Schools?" Critical to the implementation of this course is the modeling of a positive learning environment that reflects care, professional knowledge, ethical practice, leadership and ongoing learning.

Who Should Attend

Any undergrad teacher candidate in their final year of education studies and interested in preparing to teach in Catholic schools. Teacher candidates are advised that Catholic school boards may require teachers to be practicing Roman/Eastern Rite Catholics.

This course is open only to York University Faculty of Education students. This course is not equivalent to the Religious Education, Part 1 additional qualification.

Learning Objectives

  • To promote an understanding of teaching as a vocation rooted in the call to Christian ministry
  • To create an awareness of the context of Ontario Catholic education
  • To develop skills that enhance the integration of Catholic graduate expectations in the classroom and throughout the school
  • To foster professional knowledge of Religious and Family Life Education
  • To assist teachers in the acquisition of the theological background and skills necessary for the implementation of the Religious Education and Family Life curriculum

Course Format

  • 36 hours in length
  • 13 weeks in duration, two hours per week
  • Includes 10 hours online work
  • May include a retreat day
  • Offered in the Fall and Winter sessions
  • A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful completion

Dates & Fees


Offered in Fall and Winter sessions only. For actual dates, locations and session offerings, search from the list of available courses.

Course Fee

$200 + $26 HST = $226.00

Cancellation Policy

Withdrawals are effective on the date withdrawal notice is received and course fees refunded subject to $50 non-refundable amount. No withdrawals or refunds on or after the course start date.

Registrants are advised that parts or all of the in-class sessions may be photographed and/or digitally recorded where the intended use may be to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute these images and recordings in any media for promoting or publicizing the Faculty of Education, York University and their activities for administrative, educational or research purposes. Photographs, video images and voice recordings are the property of York University.