Inclusive Strategies for 21st Century Learning

Certificate Program

The current growing population of diverse students in the classroom has intersected with a heightened climate for student achievement. In creating an inclusive classroom we are afforded many opportunities for learning. This module concentrates on three major challenges we confront each day to realize the inclusive classroom: – activating a community of diverse learners, backward designing curriculum that utilizes research-based best practices and multiple learning pathways, and collaborating in teaching structures that facilitate achievements for each and every student.

In this module candidates will experience and demystify practical classroom strategies that activate a community of diverse learners to achieve success, curriculum design approaches that support achievement for all learners and apply a research-based proven practice approach to achieve a 21st Century inclusive classroom.

This Inclusive Strategies module combines a blend of online and face-to-face work. The format of this 36 hour course is 11 online hours of active thinking about classroom practice in preparation for 25 in-class hours of group activities where we will explore the research on inclusive education and engage in, share and elaborate on Inclusive classroom practices. Note: This course is not equivalent to an Additional Qualification.

Course Objectives

  • Participants will design curriculum that utilizes best practices and multiple learning pathways, incorporating instructional strategies that enhance learning and retention and utilizes collaborative teaching to meet the needs of all learners in the inclusive classroom
  • Participants will Identify the signs and symptoms of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, executive functioning challenges, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and select strategies to enhance their learning
  • Participants will analyze and differentiate the characteristics of various types of underachievers and select appropriate strategies to enhance learning
  • Participants will develop an effective collaborative teaching partnership, using a model of shared responsibility to enhance learning

Course Format

  • Blended learning format
  • 36 hours in length; 25 hours in-class & 11 hours online
  • A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful completion

Who Should Attend

Education professionals including teachers, principals, ECE, Teacher Assistants and others interested in Inclusive Education

Dates & How to Register

For actual dates, locations and session offerings, search from the list of available courses.

Course Fee

$275 + $35.75 HST = $ 310.75

Cancellation Policy

Withdrawals are effective on the date withdrawal notice is received and course fees refunded subject to $50 non-refundable amount.

No withdrawals or refunds on or after the course start date.

Registrants are advised that parts or all of the in-class sessions may be photographed and/or digitally recorded where the intended use may be to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute these images and recordings in any media for promoting or publicizing the Faculty of Education, York University and their activities for administrative, educational or research purposes. Photographs, video images and voice recordings are the property of York University.