Adolescent Literacy Quest Certificate Program: Supporting Adolescent Literacy in Grades 7-10 (Module 2: Critical Literacy)
Apr 18 all-day

Critical Literacy

Critical Literacy: Revealing a Hidden World

This 25-hour module explores aspects of critical literacy in the Intermediate classroom that will engage adolescent learners as they uncover the power and potential of literacy. By seeking out new resources and strategies to support literacy engagement in both text and digital format, this module invites learners to explore new ways of managing literacy learning for the adolescent learner in grades 7-10.

In this module participants will

  • articulate their understanding of critical literacy and its practical relationship to power and responsibility
  • grapple with issues of management in classroom contexts that encompass a wide range of learning levels, styles, interests and backgrounds
  • explore new resources and sources of literacy learning within the community and the classroom

General information about the certificate:

Facilitating successful literacy engagements for adolescent learners who represent infinite interests, learning levels and motivations may seem like a quest for teachers who seek focus amidst a labyrinth of ideas, opinions, strategies and resources. This series of five modules is designed to provide participants with insights into the specific topics of inquiry for each module and practical strategies to support student success in grade 7-10 classrooms. Each module applies a collaborative inquiry approach that will increase 21st Century pedagogical content knowledge, improve professional practice by bridging theory and practice, and offer opportunities to personalize professional learning.

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