Graduate Student Profiles

Alicia Mahabir

Graduate Student Profile - Alicia Mahabir

Graduating MEd student  Research interests: literacy, equity, standardized testing, access, resources, income, social & cultural capital What book have you most recently read? I'm reading Malala Yousafzai's memoir I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl ...

Eugenie Choi

Graduate Student Profile - Eugenie Choi

2nd year MEd Student Research interests: sociology of education, pre-service education, urban education, access and persistence of students with disabilities in post-secondary, self-advocacy What book have you most recently read? I read Youth Work: An ...

Melinda Julie Phuong

Graduate Student Profile - Melinda Julie Phuong

First year Master’s student Melinda Phuong’s research interests lie in the realm of post-secondary education, particularly Canadian universities. Melinda is interested in looking at how political-economic factors influence policy in post-secondary educ ...

Michelle Miller

Graduate Student Profile - Michelle Miller

Recently finished PhD student Research interests: adolescence, close reading, comics, object relations, queer theory What book have you most recently read? The last book I read for fun was Kazuo Ishuguro's The Buried Giant for my book club. While I was ...

Michelle Sengara

Graduate Student Profile - Michelle Sengara

Third year doctoral student Michelle Sengara's work examines the relationship between student performance and social, teacher, and cognitive presence. Her doctoral research entitled “Designing Supportive Blended Learningscapes” is a quantitative study ...

Prabha Jerrybandan

Graduate Student Profile - Prabha Jerrybandan

Graduating PhD student Research interests: Caribbean Studies, Indo-Caribbean Women's Histories and Stories, Memory Work  and Identity, Life-History Research, Creative-Writing What book have you most recently read? Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell: R ...

Rayna Slobodian

Graduate Student Profile - Rayna Slobodian

MEd student Rayna Slobodian’s thesis will look at how research that addresses poverty, marginalization and social exclusion can be mobilized to contribute to solutions through public engagement strategies to inform, reduce stigma and produce action.

Sanika Poredi

Graduate Student Profile - Sanika Poredi

What year of the program are you in? I am currently in the second year of the Master's of Education program. What are your research interests? My research interests are in science and education and the influence of technology on 21st century learning. ...

Shawnee Hardware

Graduate Student Profile - Shawnee Hardware

2nd year PhD student Research interests: Multiliteracies Pedagogy; Socio-cultural approach to Second Language Learning; Social Justice; Culturally Responsive Literacy Teaching What book have you most recently read? What did you think about it?  I recen ...

Anna Augusto Rodrigues

Graduate Student Profile – Anna Augusto Rodrigues

Fourth year PhD student Anna Augusto Rodrigues’ research interests include visual activism, adult literacy, informal learning and inclusive educational practices. Underpinning her research is an intense commitment to social justice issues and interest ...

Sanja Vujinovic

Graduate Student Profile – Sanja Vujinovic

Second year Master’s student Sanja Vujinovic’s research interests are cross-listed to linguistics and centre on language education. She is presently conducting an auto-ethnographic feminist study that examines the impact of perceived foreign accents on ...

Zanaib Kizilbash

Graduate Student Profile – Zainab Kizilbash

PhD student Zainab Kizilbash’s research interests include teacher professional development, teacher education and internationalization. Her recent dissertation How teachers experience learning and change: A phenomenographic study of internationalized t ...