MEd in Urban Indigenous Education

Program Information

In response to the need for knowledge and understanding of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit cultures, histories and perspectives, the Faculty of Education at York University, in collaboration with the TDSB Indigenous Education Centre, is offering a Masters in Education cohort with a focus on Urban Indigenous issues in education.

Indigenous people are often rendered invisible in a bustling multicultural cityscape. The impact for Indigenous children, youth and their families is frequently one of alienation. Students in urban settings confront particular challenges including: not being recognized as Indigenous students; not seeing themselves represented in the teaching population; and not seeing themselves represented in the curriculum. They attend school despite a long, negative and hurtful relationship between Indigenous people and schooling. In urban settings, school board administrators, teachers, employees and other service providers for Indigenous people may confront challenges, including: identification of Indigenous students; delivery of programs; and a lack of knowledge and understanding of urban indigeneity, Indigenous students’ experiences, and the complexities of teaching Indigenous subject material. This program takes these challenges seriously.

The MEd in Urban Indigenous Education focuses on the integration of Indigenous subject material across the curriculum for all students. The program will also be of interest to service providers who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of urban indigeneity.  The program takes up urban Indigenous education as an area of study and provides participants with the critical analytic skills necessary for teaching and learning about Indigenous people within urban contexts. It develops expertise for responding to the varied experiences and perspectives of urban Indigenous people. It addresses the interests of Indigenous students, families and communities.  And it advances participants’ understanding of the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada.



Classes will be held at the TDSB Indigenous Education Centre (IEC) located in downtown Toronto at 16 Phin Ave (Donlands & Danforth) and is easily accessible by subway.

Course Electives

EDUC 5120 6.0 Theory and Research in Language, Culture and Teaching
EDUC 5611 3.0 Indigenous Ways of Knowing
EDUC 5225 3.0 (de)Colonizing Research Methodologies
EDUC 5440 3.0 Urban Education

The Graduate Program in Education: Language, Culture and Teaching
The Graduate Program in Education at York University focuses on the study of language, culture and teaching, broadly defined. Committed to interdisciplinarity, the program creates conditions for rigorous intellectual inquiry based on critical engagement with diverse perspectives on educational research. Social, historical and cultural contexts of education and contemporary practices of pedagogy, learning and curriculum inform scholarly inquiry. The program’s philosophy and curriculum are grounded in critical thought with an underlying commitment to social justice.

Admission Criteria

Application requirements and admissions criteria will adhere to the same academic standards that apply for admission to other graduate programs in the Social Sciences and Humanities at York. As a general guideline for admission, the Faculty requires a four-year degree from a recognized university or a three-year degree and a BEd with a B+ standing assessed on the last two years of study.

Applications must include three letters of recommendation, two from academic references who can assess your academic potential; one may be from a professional reference. A resume or a CV, a statement of intent and a sample of your written work must be included in your application package.

How to Apply

The requirements for admission to the MEd are outlined in the York University calendar and at

NOTE: When applying, include at the top of your statement of intent that you are applying to the MEd in Urban Indigenous Education.

Contact Information

For specific information on the Masters Cohort in Urban Aboriginal Education, contact:

Dr. Susan Dion

Graduate Program in Education

282 Winters College

Faculty of Graduate Studies

230 York Lanes

To contact Graduate Admissions or to apply on-line please visit or call 416-736-2100 ext. 55521