Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education - Online Model

Starting Summer 2019! The online Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education is a direct entry program offered to a special cohort of students. The online model is designed for practicing teachers, administrators, or members of the community who are involved in developing mathematical literacies and whose work schedule or long commute prevent them from attending classes on campus. The program offers students an in-depth study of research and practice in Mathematics Education. All coursework is available online and provides enriched mathematical experiences in content and pedagogy across curricular divisions.

The online Graduate Diploma is a 15-credit stand-alone program consisting of five courses that focus on:

  • Promoting appreciation for research informed practice
  • Fostering culture of teaching mathematics for understanding
  • Engaging in hands-on learning of research design
  • Conducting small, independently chosen, research projects
  • Integrating emerging technologies in teaching and learning

Throughout the program students will engage in various learning activities, discussions, and hands-on research projects. They will collaborate with each other and work closely with our experienced faculty.

Online Program Model:

  • One online course is delivered each term (Summer-Fall-Winter-Summer terms)
  • Students participate as a cohort on a part-time basis

[Please note that the Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education is also offered in a traditional  (face-to-face) format at the Keele Street campus as a stand-alone diploma or concurrently with an MEd or PhD in Education.]

Admissions to this cohort will take place every other year.

How can you benefit from this program?

  • Gain knowledge of the contemporary thought in mathematics education research
  • Develop an understanding of how research findings inform current teaching practices
  • Build expertise in researching your own classroom practice
  • Become more confident in your teaching practice and gain credentials to publish, consult, or lead
  • Prepare for future graduate studies in Education

The program consists of the following courses:

EDUC 5840 • Mathematics Learning Environments (3.00)

This course explores issues in mathematics education in light of new developments in learning theory. It seeks to characterize mathematics learning environments as rich contexts for active engagement with mathematical ideas. These environments reflect the complex nature of mathematical learning as being socio-cultural, emergent, distributed, and negotiated in nature. A specialised mathematics background is not a prerequisite for the course.

EDUC 5841 • Thinking about Teaching Mathematics (3.00)

This course invites participants to reflect on the practice of teaching mathematics in light of research, theory, and their own experiences. It examines how teachers draw on mathematical and pedagogical knowledge in their work. A specialised mathematics background is not a prerequisite.

EDUC 5215 • Research in Mathematics Education (3.00)

Presently there are no research methods courses that focus on the particular needs of the students interested in doing research in mathematics education. This course is intended as a companion to the course in qualitative and quantitative methods.

EDUC 5845 • Mathematics Understanding in the Classroom (3.00)

This course examines the development of mathematics understanding in the classroom. Children use mathematics to develop theories and hypotheses about how the world operates. This course investigates what children think and how their thinking grows, developmentally, culturally, and socially.

EDUC 5848 • Technology in Mathematics Education (3.00)

This course will involve participants in critically examining the role of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Readings and experiences with technological applications will provide the basis for analysis of central themes and issues. A specialised mathematics background is not a prerequisite.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2019-20 academic year. The application deadline is March 13, 2019 for summer 2019 term.

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Applicants must indicate that they are applying to the Stand-Alone Direct-Entry Graduate Diploma for the Online Special Cohort.

Admissions for this cohort will take place every two years.