Degrees & Diplomas

Graduate Degrees in Education

All graduate students engage in research through coursework. Masters students can write a thesis or complete a major research project. Doctoral students’ work culminates in the writing and defence of a dissertation. There are also opportunities to engage in independent research and/or to work with faculty on their research. Our program offers the opportunity for full- and part-time study.

Graduate Diplomas in Education

Graduate Diplomas offer students the opportunity to explore a topic of interest in education. They can be taken concurrently with a Master of Education (MEd) or Doctorate (PhD), or taken as a stand-alone non-degree program. The diploma can supplement the learning in a graduate degree program or provide individuals with knowledge in a subject area and the opportunity to develop academic skills in writing and research.

Graduate Diplomas offered in Education include:

Graduate Diplomas offered in partnership include:

Another Graduate Diploma that may be of interest to educators at York University:

Applicants are advised that both PhD and MEd programs require students to engage research of a scholarly nature. In order to be be considered for admission, applicants must demonstrate academic excellence. Statements should address applicants' academic interests.