Graduate Programs

Our unique program will allow you to study education within the broad field of Language, Culture and Teaching.

As a student in our program, you will share our commitment to the interdisciplinary study of education through rigorous intellectual inquiry.

All graduate students engage in research through coursework. Masters students can write a thesis or complete a major research project. Doctoral students’ work culminates in the writing and defence of a dissertation. There are also opportunities to engage in independent research and/or to work with faculty on their research. Our program offers the opportunity for full- and part-time study.

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Official program information is in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar.

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Graduate Diplomas offer students the opportunity to explore a topic of interest in education. They can be taken concurrently with a Master of Education (MEd) or Doctorate (PhD), or taken as a stand-alone non-degree program. The diploma can supplement the learning in a graduate degree program or provide individuals with knowledge in a subject area and the opportunity to develop academic skills in writing and research.

Official program information is in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar.

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Note: Courses that are counted toward one Graduate Diploma cannot be double-counted towards an additional, separate Graduate Diploma. Students can take a maximum of two graduate diplomas concurrently with a degree program.

Note: Students completing stand-alone graduate diplomas are not eligible for funding.

Funding & Financial Info

All full-time MEd and PhD students in our program are offered a minimum guarantee of funds.  Full-time PhD students will earn these funds by completing positions teaching assistants. The specific amounts will be included in the offer letter. More

Note: Students completing stand-alone graduate diplomas are not eligible for funding.

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Program highlights

What our students are writing about

  • Aging in Digital Worlds: What Is the Experience of Seniors Using Accessible Government Websites? - Kenneth Anderson
  • The Ethics of Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Education: A Security and Freedom for the Other - Chris Arthur
  • To Play or not to Play: Non/Participation in Eve Online - Kelly Bergstrom
  • Screening the Psycho-Dynamics of Learning to Teach: A Study of Depression in Teacher Education - Kathryn Doyle
  • Technology and Disability Identity: "Now you see me, now you don't" - Janice Fennell
  • The Searching of an Adopted Daughter - Kate Greenway
  • News from School: Language, Time, and Place in Newspapers of 1980s Indian Boarding Schools in Canada - Jane Griffith
  • Teaching Inside the Box: Stories of Teaching and Learning In and Against the edTPA - Cristyne Hebert

NOTE: All completed theses and dissertations can be found through the York University Library.

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