What is a Practicum?

A practicum is the experience of working collaboratively with a mentor in community-based field settings and in-school placements that are supported by coursework and school/community partnerships. Most of the curriculum for our BEd programs is linked to practicum experiences.

In addition to providing direct experience and an opportunity to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge, practicum placements bring candidates face to face with concrete situations. The underlying assumptions of this approach are that teaching can be considered as a form of problem solving and that teacher candidates learn best within cohesive academic and practical situations that allow them to understand and to master their environment.

Practicum Placements

In accordance with our OCT accreditation, all teacher candidates will participate in an Ontario school-based placement for 80+ days prior to convocation. Every attempt is made to familiarize candidates with different school communities, teaching divisions, and student experiences.  All teacher candidates must present a successful Criminal Background Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening that includes the Mental Health search prior to beginning any practicum experience. (Contact your local police service for more information)

We offer the following types of practicum placements: