Specialized Programs

Teacher candidates in the BEd program can specialize in the following areas:

French (Concurrent BEd with Glendon BA degrees)

This specialization prepares teacher candidates to teach in French immersion, Core and Extended French classrooms at all certification levels.  The teaching subject for Junior/Intermediate and one of the two teaching subjects for Intermediate/Senior must be French as a Second Language.  Students in this option must be pursuing a Glendon BA degree. Emphasis is placed on ensuring excellent French language proficiency and a deep understanding of francophone cultures with a significant portion of the practicum being done in Ontario French Immersion schools. To satisfy the Francophone cultural component (see approved Francophone culture courses) of the program, teacher candidates can participate in a one-year study program in a Francophone context while on a stop out from the Faculty of Education, or enrol in two full course equivalents (12 credits) in Francophone culture courses.

Download the BEd French Immersion degree requirements (PDF).

Jewish Teacher Education

This specialization prepares teacher candidates to teach in both public schools and Jewish Day Schools at all grade levels.  The program is jointly offered with the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies in cooperation with the Toronto Board of Jewish Education.  Students in this program must complete Modern Hebrew 3000 and a practicum placement.  The program includes a series of courses in educational methodology and Jewish Studies as well as a practicum in Hebrew Day Schools.  Many students include a year’s study in an Israeli university as a part of their program.

Indigenous Teacher Education

This option prepares teacher candidates to teach at all certification levels and to meet the needs of teaching indigenous material in respectful ways to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.  An emphasis is placed on Indigenous language skills and an understanding of Native Canadian cultures.

International Education

Students registered in York University’s BEd program can now participate in a Specialization Option in International Education as a part of their Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree. They will demonstrate their preparation for teaching both in Ontario and internationally!