Access Initiative - Valuing your Experience

The Access Initiative is designed to recruit, admit and support individuals who will make excellent teachers and reflect the diversity of our society. Our admissions policies are designed to assess the potential of all candidates, in particular those who have faced systemic barriers in educational settings and in their lives. Access invites students from the following underrepresented groups to apply as part of this initiative:

  • Aboriginal (First Nations, M├ętis, Inuit, Status, Non-Status, Aboriginal Ancestry)
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Racialized Persons (A racialized group is a group of people who may experience social inequities on the basis of their perceived common racial background, colour and/or ethnicity, faith and who may be subjected to differential treatment in society and its institutions. Examples may include: people of African descent, people of Asian descent, Latinos)
  • Other Minoritized Persons (Please specify other identity categories that apply to you and have affected your educational experience. For example: people living in poverty; sexual orientation; English Language Learner; refugee or impacted by the refugee experience)
  • How to Apply

    Candidates who apply under the Access Initiative will complete the same application process as non-Access applicants applying for either the concurrent or consecutive program. In addition, those applying under the Access Initiative will be asked to include the following:

    1. On the supplementary application form check either yes or no beside the Access categories.
    2. We encourage students who apply through the Access Initiative to also include in your personal statement reference to the individual and/or systemic barriers you have encountered. Explain how your learning through these experiences might be valuable when building relationships and working with diverse groups of students.

    The Access Initiative seeks to provide opportunities for all eligible individuals to have their varied experiences not only considered, but valued. Our commitment is to graduate an outstanding cohort of educators who will reflect and inspire a diverse student population.