Email migration FAQ

What if I'm away during the migration?

You can make the changes yourself, or have ITS help you when you return. Either way, mail delivery will not be interrupted, and you can access your email through with userid and PY password.

What happens if I have rules in my email?

Some old rules created in previous versions of Outlook may not work. You (or ITS, if you require assistance) may need to recreate them.

I heard that calendar events might disappear. What do I do?

Shared calendars and delegated calendars will be disconnected on Friday July 13th after 5pm, and need to be shared and delegated again, but the calendar events will not be deleted. Once you receive access again to shared or delegated calendars, and are still missing calendar items, let know, and we will work with you using back-up mail and calendar files. If you have meeting invites that you did not accept, countered, or declined, these will not be migrated.

I'm getting a lot of SPAM after the migration. Do I report these to you?

Train your mail client to recognize SPAM by moving the messages to the “Junk” folder, or right click and select “Junk>Mark as Junk”. If you receive a targeted email that names you (this is a PHISH attempt), and asks you to provide your username and/or password to a link, then forward that email to

I seem to be getting more mail after the migration, why?

Your @yorku email will be merged with your @edu email. If you have specific concerns about an increase or decrease in expected mail, please contact us at

I want to change my main email address to be instead of, but still get all my mail, is this possible without forwarding email?

Yes, just ask us to change it for you.

Can I keep my @yorku email and @edu.yorku email separate?

No. However, if you have multiple accounts such as a student account, or generic owned account, these should and will remain separate. Student mail is excluded from the migration process.

How secure is mail?

Do not share credit card info, health info, or social insurance numbers over email. All other information has been deemed ok to be transmitted over email through the University’s Privacy Impact Assessment. Details of data classification and security