Anthony PersaudWhat school board are you affiliated with and what was your role at your board?
I'm affiliated with the Peel District School Board (PDSB) where I was a Science and Technological Education Instructional Coordinator.

Why did becoming a secondee with the Faculty of Education interest you?
I’ve always wanted to work with new teachers, and have been mentoring them ever since I started my own teaching career. It’s great to be able to help shape new teachers before they even get into their own classrooms.

What courses are you presently teaching?
Content into Practice and Science teachables.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened in your classroom(s) this year?
We had an “in the moment” debate on if there should be an honour roll for elementary school graduates. It turned into a discussion on meritocracy and was amazing.

What has been the most surprising thing for you working with the Faculty?
There’s always a deep down feeling that I don’t belong here and there must have been some mistake when I got hired. I suppose it surprised me a bit to find out that I do fit in!

In 3 words, describe your experience at York this year?
Much more confident.

What advice would you give to teacher candidates about their future teaching practice?
Get to know your individual students and help them grow. You teach children, not subjects.

What inspires you to teach?
I have two children of my own and want to make the World an even better place for them.

What would students be surprised to know about you?
I destroy orcs in my spare time to keep Middle Earth safe (Lord of the Rings reference).

What impact do you want your work to have on society?
It’s the multiplier effect. If I help new teachers make a difference with their students, then it’s an impact that I have by proxy. I want our students to grow up to be critical thinking citizens, and that starts with good educational experiences in school.

What do you perceive to be the best thing about education today?
The time that changes take used to frustrate me, but I can see a bigger picture now. Change does happen, perhaps slower than I want, but it does happen. Recognizing that gives me hope for the future.