Graduate Student Profile - Hawa Sabriye

Second year MEd student Hawa Sabriye’s diverse research interests include Education in emergencies; Afrocentric education; diasporic histories and environmental & sustainability education.

Hawa (pictured front row second from the left) with students in Dadaab.

One of the highlights of Hawa’s time in the program thus far has been the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant for the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER) Project in Dadaab, Kenya. During her trips to Dadaab, she was able to support students in and outside of the classroom, through discussions, paper editing and providing feedback. She is currently writing her MRP on the lived experiences of the BHER Somali female students and will explore the complexities of their personal participation and quality of learning.

“I love the flexibility of this program,” said Hawa. “I am able to work, travel and study—all for this degree! I also appreciate the diplomas that we can do concurrently with our degree. My diplomas Postsecondary Education: Community, Culture & Policy and Refugee and Migration Studies helped me focus on a specific area of education that supports my research.”

Hawa’s advice to prospective students is to “challenge yourself and allow yourself to grow – submit abstracts, attend conferences/workshops, look into the different diplomas and research something you are passionate about! The program is filled with supportive professors, staff and students – don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.”

In the future, Hawa hopes to work in the sector of education development at an international level. Upon completing her studies this summer, she will be moving to Mozambique to work as an Outreach Programme Support Fellow for the Aga Khan Academy in Maputo. This opportunity will allow her to gain more experience in understanding how quality education can be developed and delivered in the development sector. She credits the program with providing her with the knowledge and hands-on experience in order to be successful.

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