SoundSpace Online – the “go to” site for online resources about hearing loss

Connie MayerProfessor Connie Mayer, with a team at the Ear Foundation headed by Dr. Sue Archbold, has played a key role in the development of an innovative online platform, SoundSpace Online . Soundspace Online was developed as the “go to” place for online information, resources and learning about hearing loss. The website, which is the only one of its kind, was launched at a conference in Nottingham, UK earlier this summer and is available through the Ear Foundation.

“Hearing loss has a huge, unseen impact on communication whether in childhood or in adulthood,” said Professor Connie Mayer. “Today’s technology can transform this, but all too often the latest information is hard to find. That’s where SoundSpace Online comes in, bringing together the wide range of information and practical resources available on hearing loss, and its impact on the lives of deaf children, young people and adults and its management.”

SoundSpace website
The site is an evidence-based, comprehensive resource for anyone concerned with issues and questions of hearing loss in a range of areas, including medicine, audiology, education, linguistics, and psychology.

SoundSpace Online has eight main sections which offer an insight on hearing loss, hearing technologies and scientific medical advances before moving onto the implications of hearing loss on specific groups: special needs, early childhood, school years, higher education and adulthood. Section 1 is available now at:

The website was developed in collaboration with people with hearing loss and users of hearing devices, their families, friends, industry partners, and professionals and experts from many different disciplines including audiology, education, medicine, e-learning, and social work.  SoundSpace Online is supported by Cochlear, the National Institute for Hearing Research (NIHR), Oticon Medical, The University of Nottingham, Medilink and partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

“Our hope is that people will also use the site to network and to increase the mobilization of knowledge to address issues of importance in the field of hearing loss,” said Mayer.